Anderson County Post #172


JROTC PROGRAM: Each year Post #172 presents two Cadets at each high school program a Certificate and Award for Military Excelence and Award for Scholarstic Excelence.

American Legion Award Criteria:

a. These awards are given annually to outstanding Cadets at each school for general military and scholastic excellence. Not more than one student at a school may be nominated per year for these awards. During the junior year, a Cadet in a class HS-JROTC unit will receive the bronze medal; a Cadet at class MI-JROTC unit will receive the silver medal. A miniature reproduction of the official JROTC crest is attached to the medal awarded for scholastic excellence. Recipients of either award will also receive a ribbon bar to which the crest or scroll is attached.

b. A Cadet may receive an award for general military excellence and an award for scholastic excellence for the same school year or for more than one year.

(1) General Military Excellence Award. The Cadet must:

(a) Be in the top 25% of his/ her class in JROTC and non-JROTC subjects.

(b) Have demonstrated outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline, character, and citizenship.

(2) Scholastic Excellence Award. The Cadet must:

(a) Be in the top 10% of his/her class in non-JROTC subjects.

(b) Be in the top 25% of his/her class in JROTC.

(c) Have demonstrated qualities of leadership.

(d) Have actively participated in related student activities such as student organizations, constructive activities, or sports.

c. Selection. The DAI/SAI or head of the school or both will make selection.