Anderson County Post #172



The American Legion Boys' State: Few realize the obligation they have to the public. The American Legion Boys State is not a school room activity, but a practical experience for young men in the actual problems of government as it operates in Tennessee's American Legion Boys State. The American Legion Boys' State is not meant to take the place of Civics or Government, as they are taught in the high schools of the state but is planned so that young men may put into actual practice the theories of Government through actual participation in city, county, and state governments organized as a "Mythical 51st State." The entire program is non-partisan and will not reference any existing political party. Only young men who are in the 11th grade and in the upper third of their class will be eligible to attend. The purpose of this is that young men in the 11th grade will have one more year in their respective high schools and will be in a position to furnish leadership not only in their schools but also in their communities during the year. Tennessee's American Legion Boys State is held on the beautiful Tennessee Tech University campus in Cookeville. Check in time is on a Sunday and the final exercises will be held the following Friday with a parade and inauguration of Boys State Governor. Each spring, the counselors of each high school are made aware of upcoming American Legion Boys State. See website Tennessee Tech University awards a scholarship to the Boys State delegate elected American Legion Boys State Governor. Additionally, delegates who are descendants of a veteran can compete for a Department $1,000.00 Samsung scholarship and the Department Samsung winner further competes for one of several national $20,000.00 Samsung scholarships. The Department Chairman for Boys State is Jason Murphy. Point of contact at Department Headquarters is Debi Cole, (615) 391-5088, email


2021 Department of Tennessee Oratorical Contest Winner
Robert Keeton III

The American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest: The main purpose of the National High School Oratorical Contest is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of high school students. Other objectives of the contest include the development of leadership qualities, the ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently, and the preparation for acceptance of the duties and responsibilities, the rights and privileges of American citizenship. You are eligible to participate if you are a citizen and a lawful resident of Tennessee and are a bona fide student under the age of 20 years on the date of the National Oratorical Contest (National Oratorical Information) and are in grades 9 through 12 of a school in Tennessee. Detailed information is mailed to all schools by October 1st each year. The Department of Tennessee awards $6,000 in Oratorical scholarships each year. The state winner competes for another $25,000 at the National American Legion level. Paul Gish is the Department Oratorical Chairman,  The Department point of contact is Adjutant Dean A. Tuttle, (615) 391-5088, email  *Due to Covid -19 restrictions, the National Contest was cancelled - each Department Winner was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from The American Legion.

2021 $8,000* Scholarship Oratorical State Winner: Robert Keeton, Knoxville

2nd Place, $2,000 Scholarship, Anna Floyd, College Grove

3rd Place, $1,000 Scholarship, Asa Rentschler, Hohenwald



The American Legion Junior ROTC Cadet of the Year (JROTC): Annually The American Legion, Department of Tennessee selects a JROTC Cadet of The Year. This award is officially titled "The American Legion Colonel Frederick B. Bowling, JROTC Cadet of the Year." Eligibility is limited to Tennessee JROTC cadets who have been awarded either The American Legion General Military Excellence, or The American Legion Scholastic Award Medals and received the Certificate. Awarding of The American Legion Medals must come from an adopting American Legion Post. The JROTC Senior Instructor must provide the recommendation for the scholarship award. Information and recommendation forms are provided to each JROTC Unit in Tennessee by February each year. The JROTC Cadet of the Year will receive a $3,000 scholarship from Department. The Deadline for recommendation and a copy of The American Legion Certificate must be received by the Department no later than May 15, 2021.  The JROTC Department Chairman is Nancy Harper,   Point of Department contact is Dean A. Tuttle, (615) 391-5088, email


2021 Eagle Scout of the Year Bricen Hicks

Annually, The American Legion Department of Tennessee selects a Eagle Scout of The Year.  The nominee must be a registered, active member of a Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Scout Team, or Venturing Crew Chartered to an American Legion Post, Auxiliary Unit or Sons of The American Legion Squadron or, be the son, grandson or great-grandson of a Legionnaire or Auxiliary member in good standing. Additionally, must have received the Eagle Scout Award, be an active member of his religious institution and must have received the appropriate Boy Scout religious emblem, have demonstrated practical citizenship in church, school, Scouting, and community, have reached his 15th birthday and be enrolled in a Tennessee High School (public, private, church or home school) at the time of selection. Eagle Scouts still in high school who reached their 18th birthday during the nomination year remain eligible if otherwise qualified. 2021 Nomination forms are made available to all American Legion Post Commanders, Adjutants, Sons, Auxiliary Department and Eagle Scouts the first week in December of each year. The individual selected as The American Legion, Department of Tennessee Eagle Scout of The Year will receive a $3,000 scholarship and will compete for $10,000 at the American Legion National scholastic scholarships. The Deadline for this Department to receive the Nomination Form is no later than March 1, 2021.  The American Legion Boy Scout/Eagle Scout Chairman Ernest Schmidt, 931-624-8564,,  and The Department point of contact is Adjutant Tuttle, (615) 391-5088, email


The American Legion Baseball: The purpose and scope of American Legion Baseball is to inculcate in our American Youth a better understanding of an American way of life; to promote 100% Americanism; to instill in our Nations Youth a sincere desire to develop within themselves a feeling of Citizenship, sportsmanship, loyalty and team spirit; to aid in the improvement and development of the physical fitness of our country's youth; and, to build the Nations future through our youth.
The American Legion Baseball Code of Sportsmanship is: I will keep the rules, keep faith with my teammates, keep my temper, keep myself fit, keep a stout heart in defeat, keep my pride under in victory, keep a sound soul, a clean mind and a healthy body. The American Legion, Department of Tennessee has numerous teams across the state broken down into the Senior Division and B Team Division. There are strict rules of eligibility for players and zones. Within the State of Tennessee there are District, Division and State tournaments. The state champion will advance to a Regional and the winners of the Regional will play in The American Legion World Series. Several trophies are awarded within the Department including MVPs. National offers a $500 scholastic scholarship is awarded to one player based upon leadership, character, citizenship and financial need. The Department awards $500 scholarship to each MVP and Sportsmanship winner. NCAA regulations prohibit high school underclassmen from being selected, consequently the selected player must have graduated from high school or be a college freshman. Over 60% of major league baseball players actually played American Legion Baseball. American Legion teams are exposed to college and pro scouts, with many players being given college scholarship, or pro contracts.
Public Relations Guide. The Department of Tennessee American Legion Baseball Chairman is Don "Chuck" Johnson - 256-200-4278 or email


The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports: The American Legion is a member of the United States Olympic Committee. The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program is a program of the National Americanism Commission. A gun safety, education, and marksmanship program that provides the basic elements of: Safety, Education, Enjoyment, and Competition. It's a three-part program that combines the Basic Marksmanship Course, Qualification Awards, and Air Rifle Competition. The annual American Legion Junior 3-Position Air Rifle National Championship is held at the USA Shooting Range Facilities at the Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs. National Champions receive $5,000 in college scholarships donated by The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion. Overall finishers in 2nd place each receive $1,000 in college scholarship donated by The American Legion Auxiliary. Participation can be of any gender, through the age of 18. Handicapped youth are encouraged to participate. An individual American Legion Post may sponsor and pay for a Junior Shooting Sports Program, or sign up as a sponsor to one of the numerous youth groups, for example: High School JROTC, school athletic departments, police athletic leagues, Boy Scout Councils, 4-H clubs, or SAL Squadrons. Any of the above may affiliate with The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program if sponsored by an American Legion Post. Presently, 25 American Legion Post in Tennessee sponsor teams.  Competition is at local, state and national levels. Equipment can be 100% funded. Download information from and  Junior Shooting Sports - How to Start a Club  Contact the Department point of contact Department Headquarters 615-391-5088 or